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Techniker Krankenkasse – Contraceptive pill

Explanatory campaign on the contraceptive pill

Lifestyle with risks

The contraceptive pill is erroneously more and more often understood to be a lifestyle product. Nowadays, many women see it as a chance for more beautiful hair or bigger breasts on demand. But, like any medicine, the pill also has undesired side effects.
To clear up the risks, the health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) filmed an online ad together with elbkind that was also shown at a German federal press conference as an essential element of the major report on the pill.

Five stories, one message

The most dangerous side effects of the pill include thrombosis and embolisms – even among young people. In order to explain this in a credible way to the target group of 13-to-25-year-olds, those affected talk in the ad about their experiences with the pill. Five women report their very personal stories and sensitise young people in particular to the risks of taking the pill.

“The pill? Sure thing!”

The ad, developed together with the film production team mypony, primarily comprises filmed interview sequences that together form a single cut made up of interviews carried out separately. With a relatively low-key presentation, the focus is placed on the statements of the young women in the film, in order to give the emotional topic the room it needs.
The ad was teased on the TK website start page, shown on a microsite and distributed across the different TK social media channels.

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