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Mercedes-Benz – 20 Million Stars

elbkind implements 360° stratosphere film

Mercedes-Benz is the first premium car manufacturer in the world to surpass a total of 20 million Facebook fans. To mark this social media milestone, elbkind is implementing the “20 Million Stars” project and sending a weather balloon with four miniature models into the stratosphere. The whole event is being uniquely presented using the attached 360°-video technology.


Both the rapid rise and peaceful float through the stratosphere can be adjusted by the viewer while the camera is rolling – thanks to the 360° format, the perspective can be controlled with motion sensors or a desktop mouse. 15 km away – and yet the fans are still up close.


An additional film trailer accompanies the team during the implementation of the promotion. The weather balloon is prepared and the adventurous excursion is followed through the pre-launch and launch stages. The cameras and 1:43 models are attached to the weather balloon, the course of the flight is calculated and the weather conditions are checked. Then the balloon lifts off. The team follows the weather balloon via GPS in three SUV vehicles – will it come back to earth intact?

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