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Mercedes-Benz – used-car campaign

Simply save your way to your dream car

Less is more Mercedes!

Your own Mercedes? Pretty cool! But unfortunately far too expensive. A persistent prejudice that the used-car campaign is designed to do away with.

Less is more Mercedes!

Because you can get your first Mercedes a lot faster than you might think. And we don’t just explain that with comparisons, statistics and rate calculations, but also by showing that you only have to go without a few activities in order to have your own Mercedes for the first time. Burgers, alcohol, the gym – users simply click away their monthly money burners on the mobile microsite and receive a suitable Mercedes offer straight away! True to the motto “Less is more” – because the less money you keep burning, the more Mercedes you can have! Of course, the users can share their resolutions (and the car they are able to finance) directly on the social Web.


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