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RITTER SPORT – Fake variety “Green Hell”

elbkind creates cooperation between three brands

Sweet, sporty, speedy

Things are never boring with our clients – this time it is RITTER SPORT and Mercedes-AMG putting that theory to the test in cooperation with Nürburgring GmbH. When Mercedes-Benz expressed a desire to create a special edition in cooperation with RITTER SPORT, we and the experimental chocolate manufacturer were immediately enthusiastic.
 elbkind took on the coordination, the implementation of the idea and the communication of the cooperation. elbkind developed a packaging layout for the fake variety “Green Hell” exclusively for the press day at the IAA 2015 (the international car exhibition in Frankfurt am Main), which was handed out as a giveaway there and attracted a lot of attention at the IAA and online thereafter.

“Green Hell” with whole almonds

A sporty shell with a delicious core. That is the “Green Hell“. The name of the special edition is a reference to the legendary Nordschleife at the Nürburgring. In addition, the slipcase with the typical RITTER SPORT packaging layout was branded with the AMG logo and the hashtag #MBIAA15.

Devilishly desirable

The fake variety was exclusively available at the IAA, where it was placed in the “Mercedes Me Lounge”. Of course, attention was also drawn to the “Green Hell” via social media. Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Benz Germany, Mercedes-Benz Global and RITTER SPORT all spread the news of the fake variety on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social media channels and thus reached well over a million fans.
RITTER SPORT also announced a competition on Facebook that allowed the hundred lucky winners to get a taste of the Nürburgring feeling. Each of them received one of the limited edition bars.
Not only during the promotion was the “Green Hell” a big seller. It now changes hands among collectors for three-figure sums.

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