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Ritter Sport – “Oats + Banana”

First social media limited edition

From fan to product developer

The VarietyCreation from RITTER SPORT is an online tool with which fans can let their creativity and desires run free. All individual VarietyCreations are presented in a gallery to be rated. Few varieties were as popular as the “Oats and Banana Blues” edition. Based on a song from cult Swabian cartoon characters “Äffle and Pferdle”, many people wanted to see it genuinely produced in cooperation with the cartoon figures.

Anyone who knows RITTER SPORT is aware: the brand takes the wishes of its fans seriously. The “Oats + Banana” variety was indeed launched, to the fans great delight, in April 2016. It is the first social media limited edition where the VarietyCreation directly inspired the product development.

The excitement of the fans was as great as the success of the launch. The 50,000 “Oats + Banana” packs had already sold out after one week. In time for the European Championship, a second batch of 100,000 bars was produced and was also snapped up in record time. All in all, it was a sensational sales success that is sure to be followed by further social media limited editions.

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