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RITTER SPORT – VarietyCreation

The next level in crowdsourcing

From fan to product developer

RITTER SPORT has been offering fans of its chocolate the opportunity to virtually create their own varieties since 2013. However, there was room for improvement in terms of the design, incentive to participate and user-friendliness. The special thing about the new development: the varieties created virtually by the users are permanently incorporated into product development. Via the associated process in the RITTER SPORT research and development department, with a little luck the users can find their own variety on the shelves.

“Variety suggestions” become “VarietyCreation”

A relaunch of variety suggestions was necessary in order to freshen up the applications and increase the fun factor. The new app was christened “VarietyCreation”. The design was made contemporary and the interface elements, such as the colour selector and the live view of the created variety, were improved. In addition, the page has been optimised for mobile devices since the relaunch and can therefore not only be operated on a PC, but also a smartphone or tablet.

Summer, sun, VarietyCreation

To coincide with the launch, we called on fans to create their personal “SummerCreation”. There were 100 summer packs for the participants to pick up, with the winner of the top prize receiving a fridge filled with a year’s supply of chocolate. The relaunch of the VarietyCreation was accompanied by social media posts, media measures and a video.

As popular as summer

During the promotional period, the VarietyCreation got off to a sensational start, with 438 variety suggestions per day. So far, RITTER SPORT fans have submitted more than 28,000 chocolatey suggestions.

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