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Rügenwalder Mühle – #veggieschnitzel

The Schnitzel Hub – one schnitzel, one thousand facets

Our veggie star

For the market launch of the vegetarian Mühlen Schnitzel, elbkind came up with a very special idea. For the first time, a Rügenwalder Mühle product received its own microsite for the launch: the Schnitzel Hub.

 There, the veggie schnitzel shows just what such an innovative star can do. Anyone who thinks that the vegetarian schnitzel only impresses with its meat-free taste experience will know better once they visit the content hub at

A schnitzel introduces itself

Alongside the conventional elements of the introduction ritual, such as recipes and test reports from bloggers, the veggie Schnitzel Hub primarily stands out thanks to its crazy side. Schnitzellised film titles, schnitzel facts and adventurous frying techniques allow the users to immerse themselves in the world of the veggie schnitzel. Anyone whose love of the schnitzel is truly sparked by this content hub is bound to be especially delighted by our merchandise articles, such as schnitzel boxer shorts and headphones. In short: the Schnitzel Hub awakens a desire to get to know our veggie star backstage in the home kitchen.

Schnitzel fever is spreading

The Schnitzel Hub shows in an amusing way that “vegetarian” doesn’t have to mean “boring”. To make sure this message reaches as many people as possible, all content on the hub can be liked and shared on the usual social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp). The user can also access the Schnitzel Hub via the wide-ranging social media editorial content. Each element of schnitzellised content has viral potential and attracts the attention of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram users towards The content is therefore used not only to keep users on the Schnitzel Hub, but is also used on social networks to bring users from those channels to the Schnitzel Hub.
 The social media activities of Rügenwalder Mühle and the elements of the content hub at are therefore perfectly interlocked.

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