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Techniker Krankenkasse – FutureMe

Digital extension of the “Health is everything” campaign

Click your way into the future

The heath insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse made one thing clear to us last year: “Health is everything”! But is it also possible to get this message across to the most difficult target group? To the wild young things on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, who have not yet had any reason to question their health?
We say yes! By activating our young target group on the social Web and addressing them in an authentic way to make them aware of the connection between lifestyle and health. The FutureMe app makes it possible to form that exact connection: it allows the users to age themselves by 30 years in just a few seconds based on their current lifestyle. The users then find out what a healthy lifestyle can be like with the assistance of useful tips regarding nutrition, fitness and organising free time. Over one million fans used the FutureMe app and dared to take a peek at their future with a single click.

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